Monday, March 23, 2009

We Got Married: JoongBo Couple

I love, love watching Korean reality shows coz they are so fun to watch...Everytime I watch these shows, I get euphoric and I smile a favorites are XMAN and WE GOT MARRIED :)

For this post, I'll be focusing on We Got Married coz this is my current favorite and among the 4 couples in the show, my favorite is the Ssangchu/JoongBo couple...This is a pair composed of Kim Hyun Joong (of SS501) and Hwang Bo (of Chakra)..they have 6 years difference in age so it is really funny to watch how they got over their awkwardness and how they became good friends at the end..I also love the fact that they always have fun so they are really entertaining to watch :)
Here are some pictures I found on the net:

- Lettuce 4 U

- Everything is silent

Here are the videos of all JoongBo cuts from Episode 9 where they were introduced as the new couple upto Episode 38 where they officially said their farewell..Enjoy watching!

Episode 09 - First Meeting at Jeju Island

Episode 10 - The Ssangchu beginning

Episode 11 - Housewarming Day

Episode 12 - cont. of Housewarming Day

Episode 13 - Water Theme Park

Episode 14 - Water Theme Park with Ant couple

Episode 15 - HJ is not in the studio

Episode 16 - Moved into the new house

Episode 17 - Hyun joong is in Japan

Episode 18 - Hwang Bo goes to Japan

Episode 19 - Hwang Bo in Japan cont.

Episode 20 - @ Busan beach with AlShin couple

Episode 21 - cont. beach scenes

Episode 22 - 100th Day Wedding Anniversary

Episode 23 - Wedding Pictorial

Episode 24 - Farm Experience

Episode 25 - Chuseok Special

Episode 26 - Continuation of Life in the Farm

Episode 27 - Farewell?

Episode 28 - Consequences for Hwang Bo

Episode 29 - Ant tour

Episode 30 - cont. of Ant tour

Episode 31 -Amusement Park

Episode 32 - Blind Date by JoongBo

Episode 33 - cont. of blind date

Episode 34 - Own Mission

Episode 35 - cont. of Mission

Episode 36 - Winter Vacation
Episode 37 - Farewell Vacation at Jeju Island

Episode 38 - Good Bye JoongBo Couple


youtube - quainte501
youtube - rikkimargarette
youtube - marriedsubs

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  1. hello. the videos are not available in youtube. do you have other source of the videos? i really love JoongBo, and i want to watch all their episodes... kamsahamnida^^