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Transferring to a new place...

Hello everyone! I will now be posting about Asian Dramas and Kpop on my main blog together with my other loves like books, makeup, skincare and petcare.. I have decided that it would be a lot easier for me to maintain if I only have 1 blog. So please do follow my main blog Gale Loves Colors . Thank you for your support! ^_^

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kpop Convention experience + JYJ Album

Hello everyone! So, as with my previous post, I did went with my sister at the 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention held at the PICC tent. There are so many people! The line in the entrance gate when we arrived is so so long and it got worse because the sun is shining very brightly and hot. Luckily, I did bring an umberlla and we already ate an early lunch before going there.

When we got inside (Around opened at 10am), almost all the stuff for sale are already depleted because a lot of people have already bought them. I got sad coz I can't buy any stuff from our booth (Cassiopeia..DBSK fan club) coz there are already finished. Stuffs from other booths are too expensive for me too coz they are original and from Korea and Japan. Can you believe that a single plastic folder with a Super Junior picture was selling for Php650?! Or that a plastic fan with Donghae's face is selling for Php 400? "Oh, my gosh! That's too expensive!" is what keeps on popping in my head during my tour. And I also keep on chanting inside my head whenever I see something I really really want (like a magazine or a calendar), "That's too expensive and impractical." I really thought that I'm going home empty handed but when I chanced upon a booth in the back part of the tent, I got so ecstatic because I saw a very big poster of JYJ and on the table are a lot of pictures of the three! And that'ss the point when I went crazy haha ^_^

I'm not sure if you all know but I'm a Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)/Tohoshinki (THSK) fanatic. I got so sad because of the impending disbandment of the group because of the case filed by Jaejoong, Yuchun and junsu (JYJ) against SM Entertainment. I really hope this case will be finished and DBSK will be a group again. I really believe that they are the BEST group in Kpop fandom because ALL of them have great voices, can dance very well, can act and has very dynamic personalities that when they guests at variety shows, you will definitely be entertained ^_^

I really miss seeing them perform as group...Although I admit, I got really euphoric when i learned that JYJ released their album THE BEGINNING. All of their songs are in English so I have no problem understanding them. Plus, they have great collaborations with Kanye West and the like..I'm really happy for the three who had a hard time working because of the legal case they are facing. I'm really glad I can still hear them sing even though they are lacking two people.

And guess what? All the stuff (the poster, tshirt, pictures...) in that booth that I mentioned? Well, they are not sold individually but as a package! That's the content of the controvertial limited edition of JYJ's The Beginning album. JYJ only released 90,000 copies all over the world and it is said that only 50 copies reached the Philippines. And I got lucky coz they brought with them extra copies of the album during the Kpop Convention! I got myself one even though I did not reserved and I really am the happiest person that day after purchasing it haha! ^_^

*Warning: Photo heavy*

Here's a shot of me being so happy..I can't wait to reach our home and open it so just went ahead and open the album inside our car haha ^_^

Look at that smile...can you still doubt me when I said I went crazy with happiness? haha ^_^

Here's the content of the package:
1. Album - CD, photo album w/ lyrics, pictures
2. Poster
3. T-shirt




When you open the album box, it has 3 layers. First layer is the CD itself. Then, if you lift that up, you'll find the photo album and the photos at the bottom :)

The photoalbum contains pictures of JYJ and the lyrics of their songs. And I will tell you, the pictures are to die for! They are gorgeous!

*first page*

I did not take a picture of all the pages but I decided to show you guys the pages with their name on it ^_^

And here's the "ID" that shows what copy of the album you got. And I got Album Number...

*last page of the booklet*

And this is the content of the red package. Printed out pictures of the three! Almost all of the pictures inside the photoalbum booklet is printed like a postcard! I really am planning in putting these photos in an album to preserve them ^_^

Guys, sorry about these three photos. I don't know why they rotated like that when i uploaded them...But I hope you can still enjoy them ^_^

My rating:

1. Album package - 5/5 - i really hope all the artists I like will come up with something like this haha I really love that it comes in such a nice packaging and full of eye-candy :)

2. Price - 3.5/5 - It's really too pricey. I think i've paid Php2,800 for this really did create a huge hole in my wallet :(

3. CD - 4/5 - I love that the songs are in English. I think it's safe to say that this is an R&B album. my only gripe about this is that, it sounds more Western than Eastern. I love DBSK because of their pop sound and I'm not really a fan of R&B music...but I still love them. :)

Note: I love the soundtrack of Sangkyunkwan Scandal more though haha ^_^

I hope you all enjoy this post! I just wish you will give me credit if you want to use my photos in your blogs.

Thank you for dropping by! Let's keep the faith!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Philippine Kpop Convention 2

Hello everyone!

I wanna invite all of you to join and support the 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention this coming December 11, 2010. Not only will you enjoy the many activities but you will also be able to help others because ALL PROCEEDS of the "entrance fee" will go to GAWAD KALINGA as donation. Minimum entrance fee is Php150 but you can give as much as you want and the personnels of GK will be personally handling the registration so there will be no 3rd party involve.
I hope to see you all there! For more info, please check out their site.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Playful Kiss

So, as most of you have known, it is true that Playful Kiss only had 16 episodes. So sad but true. I think they "cut it short" because it got a very low rating in Korea which is sad coz it is a great drama IMO.

And it's not mainly the show's fault that it got low rating since the beginning, but it's because of the rival show getting high ratings. I know, that's competition, but how can you compete with a show that already had established a big follower before you even started?

For me, Playful Kiss is a very under-rated drama. It did received good reviews and had a great number of international followers online. I'm pretty sure a lot of us are saddened because it ended quite fast.
I wanna say thank you to Viikii, EPDrama and Midnights Dreams (and other subbing teams) for providing good quality english subbed versions FAST for international viewers like me.
And I am so grateful to Group 8 and Youtube for deciding to air web-pisodes of this drama every week. I love watching how their marriage life progressed. And the bonus of having to know Seung Jo's thoughts through his diary :)
* you can watch these special episodes at their Youtube channel: ytkiss ^_^*
My review:
I LIKE this drama because...
- It's fun to watch. I really love romantic-comedy shows.
- The actors and actresses have very good acting ability
- The lead character Oh Hani is not super dumb like in ISWAK (Taiwan version), wwhich makes her a lot more adorable to watch than Xiang Qin
- I love Kim Hyun Joong. His acting is better here than in BOF.
- This drama has lots of feel-good scenes
- Story is not dragging and repetitive
- The supporting casts is superb. They really embodied their role.
- Cute outfits!
I DON'T LIKE this drama because...
- There are some scenes that lacks the proper timing.
example: Ep13 Kissing scene in the rain: Baek Seung Jong dropped the umbrella a little late to cut off Oh hani's dialogue.
- I really hoped they also showed a Korean version of the scene where Zhi Shu got very jealous of Qi Tai in TKA.
- I hate the first part of episode 1! It's too CGI for me..
- It's too fast paced on certain scenes. I hope this drama is longer!!!!
COMPARING to the Taiwanese version...
* I love both drama and I can't decide which I love more so this comparison is done objectively*
- PK is on the cutesy side while ISWAK is a little serious
- Acting wise, ISWAK is better since Joe and Ariel are already veteran actors when they did this while Hyun Joong is just starting his acting career
- ISWAK is more detailed and consists of 30 episodes compared to the 16 episodes that PK has, making it a little "incomplete and rushed" for viewers who have loved watching ISWAK years ago (like me)
- The Taiwanese version created a whole 20 episodes Season 2 (TKA) to show their marriage life while the Korean version only have 9?? 10-minute episodes on Youtube to show that
Over-all rating for Playful Kiss: I'm giving PK 4/5 rating because they really did a great job in creating a live-action version of this manga. I really hope we can have season 2!
Congratulations to all the cast of Playful Kiss!
Kim Hyun Joong, fighting! I hope to watch more dramas with you as the lead character :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Playful Kiss: Ending at Episode 16?!

I can't believe it! Playful Kiss is ending next week!! I thought it will be 20 episodes in order to cover like the 2 seasons of ISWAK, but there are so many comments saying that it's only 16 epi and next week's episode is the wedding already...I'm so sad...I want to watch more of Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni's love story especially their married life..I hope the rumors are not true and they will continue the story..*crossing my fingers*

You can watch subbed full length videos here ^_^

I really like the Korean version coz Oh Ha Ni is not as dumb as Qiang Xin and the story is not dragging ..and Kim Hyun Joong played his role great. Please, please, please, let there be 20 episodes!

Testing ^_^

Hello! I just wanna test if I can upload a video here on my blog hehe ^_^

Here is a video of Mickey Yoochun at Love Letter.

5 Ways of saying "I love You"

Monday, October 4, 2010

WGM Horror/Chuseok Special

Anyeonghaseyo! ^_^

Have you guys already watched the Chuseok Special of We Got Married? I have! And I really enjoyed it...I just hoped they alloted the same amount of time for each couple coz the Yong-Seo couple got the longest airtime since they are the first couple to do the challenge. Don't get me wrong, I love all three of them but I just hope it's equal haha :)

Anyways, I've seen a lot of skinship between these 3 couples and it's so nice seeing the guys protecting their wives. Even though they are scared, they still tried to show their courage so that their wives won't get scared even more.

This has the most skinship between Yonghwa and Seohyun! Haha They're so sweet together.

Who's my fave? I love Khuntoria the most but for this episode, I think Adam couple got my vote. They are so funny! I loved it when Jo Kwon danced in front of the "ghosts" and made them laugh...And I can't stop laughing when he "attacked" the Sadako" ghosts while Gain was solving the problem haha ^_^ I really think they deserved to win the title as Best Couple for that event :)

Here are the links where you can watch them subbed:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Credits go to Wild2Day...Thank you for subbing KhunToria Episodes fast and in good quality! Fighting! ^_^

Enjoy watching!